March NewsLEtter


Zoom meetings have not been wildly attended. It feels like a lot of us are all Zoom meeting-ed out and prefer to chat asynchronously on Samepage. We don't want to pester people with a bunch of unwanted emails, so we will set future meetings up to require registration and if no one registers, we just won't do it. We will send reminders to everyone who registers the day of the meeting. If you lose this email, you can always check our gmail calendar for the registration link.

February 26th @ 7pm Food Security Discussion We will mostly be talking about garden planning at this point, but I also want to talk about seasonal preservation classes.

March 1st @ 7pm New Member Orientation We will be using this time to answer questions from new people who want to get involved and cover information about delivering lunches. So if you want to start signing up for that, please attend.

March 26th @ 7pm Food Security Discussion We are getting close to the time we can get into the garden so please be sure to attend this if you are one of our people who garden. This meeting will be longer than usual.