Weekly Q & A


Why do you host social events like the Zoom Pub?
We are working hard to present a different model of community service. ICMA is geared towards people who want to be in community with one another and work collectively on various projects to assist one another. This philosophy is what makes ICMA different than the slew of industrial non-profits that work in Iowa City. In the days prior to Covid, those of us whom I suppose you could call the "founding members" got together for things to like potlucks with skillshares. In 2019, we had a winter open house with musicians and spoken word performances. It's about balance. There's a lot of work to be done, but there also needs to be some recreation time. We understand that folks who joined during Covid haven't had that experience. We plan on resuming in person meetings, that just as soon as it's safe. In the meantime, we have the Samepage and our Zoom meetings to connect.

Why do you use Zoom amd Samepage?
Why not just start a Facebook group? We don't like using the Internet at all, because it excludes people who don't have access and many people don't have Facebook at all. We do have people flyering the neighborhoods with a phone number folks can call if they want to get in touch. If someone who calls that number wants to join in on a Zoom meeting they can call in. That's about the best we can do right now. We chose the Samepage app for asychronous planning because folks whose first language is not English can easily view the pages and even the discussions in their language via a Google translate integration. We use Mailchimp for that reason as well.

What are your office hours? I emailed you two days ago, why haven't you returned my email?
We would remind you that this isn't a non-profit with paid staff and never will be. This is a group of people who all have day jobs and other responsibilities. We are also pretty good at setting boundaries because our group is all about our collective well-being. We set a certain number of hours a day that we "work" and and people who have called for help get prioritized. We've had members move away recently who were helping with communication and just recently found a replacement to step up and help with answering emails and managing the Facebook page, but we don't anticipate having time to answer individual email queries about volunteering. We try to post enough information in the Dispatch and on the Facebook page that people who want to help can do so in a fairly self-directed manner. We will have Zoom meeting set up for people who want to help with the projects probaby every other month. Watch the Facebook page for those or as we have mentioned a few times in past Dispatches, join the Samepage. There's even a New Members Start here page to help you get acclimated to how it works.