Support Striking WOrkers


Just an update to let people know what we are doing to support the striking workers in our area!

This morning Darian dropped off supplies including cups, spoons, hot cocoa packets, instant coffee, tea, snacks, and handwarmers to UAW local 94 in Dubuque. I talked the staff at the union hall, and they said it was helpful because they have people there 24-7. We also tucked a couple of thermoses in there to help them keep hot water on the line.

I talked to staff at the union halls today and the smaller outlying union halls aren't getting as much support as they are in the QC. They also don't have systems in place to take cash donations over the internet. Dropping off supplies like this is the only way to support them. It's okay though because we have drivers willing to make trips.

This week we would like to do the same for Waterloo Local 838 on Wednesday and then possibly a QC run and then another run to Dubuque next week if the strike stretches out. If you want to just donate cash to the QC efforts, this is a good cause to support. Tell them ICMA sent you.

Stephany has put together a spreadsheet to keep track of conversations with folks at the union halls and what they need.

If you can help by dropping off any of these items at 850 Page Street this week, that would be amazing. If you are making a run to one of the picket lines to stand with workers, check with us to see if we have supplies, we can send with you.

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