How we can help, how you can help.

Hi friends!

I hope this finds you with power and internet and doing as well as can be expected. I know a lot of you are not in a place to offer aid and need support. We got power back late Tuesday, but our internet is still down so if you need help please text us and we will try to help. 319-541-1342. Right now we still sending out lunches to our unhoused neighbors and are offering hot meals people impacted by the storm, for pick-up after 5:30pm. If you have any other needs text us and we will see what we can do?

Food Preparation We need our cooks! If you have power and you want to cook soup or bake goodies to include in the evening meals that would be awesome. We are also asking people to cook/bake for a delivery to Advocates for Social Justice in Cedar Rapids.

We got hit hard friends, but they got hit harder. f you want to donate items we have an Amazon list or you can just drop a bag of flour off at my house. I've gone through 15 lbs in the last three days.

Sign Up for Our Communication Team One thing we are realizing is that we can't depend on Internet for letting people know about what aid we have available during disasters. If you are the type of person who knows your neighbors and likes chatting with them, sign up for the communication team. I have to say this.

While I am really frustrated with the lack of support I have seen from official sources, I really find all of the mutual aid efforts I have seen out there to be so very encouraging. We take care of us, right? I am going to set up a debriefing type zoom chat just as soon as the internet comes back on so we can all connect! In the meantime, if anyone is in need of a good relaxation tea blend or something like that the Iowa City Herbalists Without Borders group is putting those together and will have them available soon! We will post on the Facebook page about that..