September Update


We wanted to remind you that our September potluck in this Saturday. The topic of the conversation after the meal is going to be organization and getting back to our roots as a mutual aid group focused on meeting the needs of our members first and working on external projects second. If you want to contribute to the meal, sign up here.

How do I get involved this month? The answer to that is that ICMA is attempting to build community not another non-profit. We have enough of those in Iowa City. To be involved, come eat with us, and participate in our discussions. We are most concerned with building sustainable local systems to meet our needs.

Individual members have proposed projects that other members of the group have jumped in on. As we have no leadership, each project is governed by the rule of "the doers decide." The people who show up to do the work make the decisions about each project. Right now, these are what we have going but as colder weather gets here the snow removal project will kick back in as well.

Lunches for the Unhoused We make twenty lunches every day that we distributed to unhoused neighbors whose needs are not being met by other groups. We understand that not everyone has the financial capacity to put together lunches once a week, but to be honest most of the people doing that don't either. So, you could reach out to the people cooking and ask what you could do to help them? They would undoubtedly appreciate if you could make twenty cookies once a month.

Sewing Projects To move away from being dependent on donations and to reduce consumer waste, we are planning sewing skill shares in the form of work sessions. This skill will be utilized in a variety of ways including mending damaged clothing for the CCAN mobile clothes closet. We will also be using donated clothing that is too damaged to repurpose it into hats and blankets to be distributed to people in need. You do not need to know how to sew or have a machine to help with this. We have all the resources we need. We just need interested people. We will be having small work sessions where we work on this together and share resources. Sign up for the next session here.

Medics The medic group predates the organizing of ICMA. The group of people that organized the first medic training back in September of 2019 also saw the need for a mutual aid group in our community, and made it happen. If you are interested in more information about the medic trainings, that email is So that's enough information for an email. We really hope that a lot of you will come to have this conversation with us this weekend.