OCtober Dispatch


Lots of news for October. Iowa City DSA is taking over organizing the community meal on the 1st Saturday of every month, so now we are back to two monthly community meals. Be sure to sign up to bring something to the October 2nd meal. We will post reminders on our social about the 16th.

The IC DSA has also offered to collect cash donations at their table at Pride. All of the money will go to one of our unhoused families who needs to repair their car.

Liz is leading an important skillshare this month on information security, so if you are interested in protecting your data and online identity, be sure to check that out. We are still going to do a work session to finish sewing up those hats, but we also have a couple of sewing skillshares that will be coming up over the next couple of months that will be a better way for people who haven't sewed much to learn.

Kitchens Projects
You can read more about the food projects on the website. I just want to say a sincere thank you for people who have been sending us help with feeding our unhoused neighbors. Right now, the thing we need most off our wishlist is paper lunch sacks. We are completely out.

Collective Education Skillshares
Getting back to our roots a little of trying to help one another meet our own needs and help others meet theirs, we will be trying to host at least two skillshares every month and one online session for people who aren't able to gather. If you are interested in leading one in person or online, let us know.