October DISPatch

10 / 04 /2020

The October Dispatch has been sent so check your inboxes for more information about this month's events and project updates.

Here's an excerpt...

​This month we are going to talk about the specific structure of our group. General consensus is that people are getting confused about the difference between the collective and it's projects.

ICMA was founded as a leftist solidarity network. Someone could join the group just to connect with like-minded people with no clear goal in mind other than building community. Not everyone in the group is involved in every project. Any member can bring an idea for a project to the collective and ask other people to help them bring it to fruition, but members aren't obligated to help with things that don't appeal to them.

This has been problematic getting across to people who have joined during the pandemic. I mean we haven't all even all really gotten to know each other due to quarantining. There are plans to work on that this month.

The group "gathers" on Samepage which is a collaborative work app where we can have chat style discussions but also post static pages with information and pdf documents.

Finally, not everyone who is working on a project aligns with the leftist values of the collective. They might just want to make cookies for their unhoused neighbors and not "belong" to the group at all.

So hopefully that clears up some of the questions people have asked about us. You can always email info@iowacitymutualaid.com with specific questions, too.