Iowa City Mutual Aid kitchen Projects

Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

Early in the Covid-19 quarantine a social services case worker asked a member of the Iowa City chapter of Herbalist Without Borders group if they knew of anyone providing cooked meals for people who couldn't cook for themselves due to disability or illness.

We called around and that did seem to be a need in the community that wasn't being met, but not everyone in ICHWB lives in Iowa City or was into this project. It was agreed that it would be a breakout working group of sorts that at first only had ICHWB members.

Then we had the idea of starting a group on Facebook to see if any of our friends would help us out. Thus the Mutual Aid Collective was born. It has kind of been in mutual aid disaster relief mode since it started, but we have goals to do much more when this current public health crisis passes.

The Kitchens project involves people cooking meals and baked goods to be gathered together and sent out to our neighbors who have expressed a need. Some members who aren't necessarily into cooking decided they would rather just drop food off for the cooks and some people deliver when we are done. We are really quite pleased with our results, especially because we are kind of making it up as we go.

We are a community support group. The mutual aid relief we provide is the type of neighbor-to-neighbor solidarity that needs to flourish if we are going to build sustainable lives that don't rely on a corrupt government and its entrenched bureaucracy. The salads below, made by the efforts of many, were sent out in sack lunches to our unhoused neighbors, because we understand that a community is only as well as its least well members.