April Dispatch


The first announcement we would like to make is that ICMA has a Discord server now. We will still be updating the Samepage but people requested the Discord, so you can join that here, if that's a better way for you to communicate.

Other than that spring is here and those of us who are interested in food security are all talking gardening. Stephany has seeds started from the Herbalists Without Borders seed grant and will be passing some of those along to the CCAN community gardeners. We have gardening space that a collective member has offered up for our use. We will be sending an email out when the first work day is scheduled. We will be offering a skillshare at some point, but in the meantime there are some handouts about starting seeds and taking care of seedlings, in the gardening channel on the Discord.

ICMA will be supporting Millennials for Climate Action event on April 18th. They are going to be having a bake sale fundraiser, so if you like to bake, please join the MCFA Discord or for more info you can email millennialsforclimateactionia@gmail.com.

We will be hosting our first in person gathering since the bonfire we had last fall. It will be a socially distanced bonfire on the evening of May 1st. Some of us will be fully vaccinated by then but we will still be asking people to mask up to protect those who aren't.

As always keep an eye on our Facebook page for direct support requests. If someone local needs financial support we are going to put their information out there so people can send money directly to them, because we believe in self-determination.