Iowa City Mutual Aid Gardeners

Members of our collective recognize the importance of supporting and creating local systems of food production and distribution in terms of increasing access to food and supporting important climate activism such as protecting our pollinators.

Our gardeners will be working on projects with the goal of helping beginning gardeners establish vegetable gardens or pollinator gardens and helping one another with our established gardens. Projects will include establishing a seed bank, sharing gardening starts, and helping people put in gardens.

People with gardens will be connecting with folks who don't have gardening space willing to help established gardeners in exchange for a share of the harvest. We will also be setting up gardening skillshares and food preservation skillshares as part of this ongoing project.

If you are interested in being added to our gardening chat on Signal, email

Legislative Alert: Due to a policy announcement by city government in a local gardening group, ICMA will be partnering with CCAN, Millennials for Climate Action and members of Pollinator Friendly Johnson County Facebook group to organize pushback against city policies which restrict people’s rights to grow pollinator plants or food on their private property.

The first organizing meeting will be this Thursday. Email for an invite.