How to Get Involved!

We have a lot of people asking us how to get involved with our relief projects. I really encourage you to attend the skillshares and chats we have to figure out what mutual aid is all about. Mutual aid is a little different than a traditional non-profit in that a lot of times we don't know what we need until someone asks for it and then I might post on the Facebook page or send an email via this list.

Lead a Virtual Skillshare Volunteer to use your unique knowledge and skills to lead a skillshare or class. It doesn't have to be edgy. You can teach practical skills like baking a cake or fixing a tail light. Right now we are doing these via a zoom account.

Delivery Drivers We are always in need of people willing to hand out lunches or deliver meal packages or pick up donations. Sign up here! We would also like to make a list of people who have a truck or a trailer they could haul bigger items with occasionally. Please email if it's okay to put you on that list.

Food Preparation We have two different projects that you could cook or bake for if you are someone who likes to do that. You can read more about those on the website. If you are making food for the lunches we need individually bagged sandwiches, baked goods, soft fruits, or vegetables. We are currently sending out 20 lunches daily, but 4 people making five sandwiches is just as good as one person making 20. If you want to cook for the meal bags, I need quart size main dishes, pint size side dishes, and baked goods. Please donate in containers that you don't need back. If you want to donate items for the food projects we have an Amazon list or you can email more about that.

Train as a Medic If you are interested in training as a street medic and getting involved with that work, the first thing to do is to fill out this google form. People have asked about donating supplies to the medic collective, but right now we are pretty well-stocked. We will post if there is a need. So there are some good ideas on how you can get involved. Hope to hear from you soon!