What you are looking at in this picture are the tracks left by machinery that cleared out several encampments of unhoused people early on Monday March 24th. The following is a statement Stephany made during the City Council meeting tonight.

ICMA was not formed with the idea that it was going to be a permanent fixture in Iowa City. We were just a group of people pooling our resources to help our neighbors through the Covid crisis. Then we started speaking weekly and almost daily with people who didn’t want to reach out to the nannying non-profits in town because they are distrustful of their relationship with the ICPD.

That’s the city council’s fault. When these orgs are encouraged to collude with the ICPD to secure city funds, they are perceived as part of a power structure that sends tanks into residential neighborhoods and subcontracts out to demolish people’s belongings. Because we all know that the council has more power over these situations than they have let on.

That’s why the Fruinn plan is so ridiculous. Instead of offering people options to a visit from the ICPD when they reach out for help, they can just expect more police involvement in the future as various nonprofits in this town utilize "police-lite" people to participate in community outreach.

It took us [ICMA] a long time to build trust with some of those individuals who are suspicious of people who come as helpers. While it is obvious that the city council doesn’t want to offer the help, the community is asking for, you could at least try to not make things harder for those of us who are willing to. Because as long as you keep taking things away from people, ICMA will be there to give it back.